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The Bitcoin currency is here and its here to stay !!! In case you missed it and you have no idea what is the bitcoin all about, please Google it and come back later for more information about bitcoin sites for sale. In case you do know the bitcoin and you do believe in it, well, you have come to the right place.



Ever since the bitcoin stated to raise and the industry around it went to the second level of more than a millions users, the internet websites market have made the jump as well. more than 500,000 bitcoin related domain was bought over the world only at the first quarter of 2013, most of them buy the way are not from the USA and do not have .com TLD.

The market for second hand bitcoin websites and second hand bitcoin domains is rushing these days and you can find lots of opportunities to hold a great bitcoin domain, in many niches, among them:

  • Bitcoin casino websites: Since the gambling industry is on top all the time, its on top in the bitcoin market as well. Available casino bitcoin domains, poker replated, sports betting, bingo and more.
  • Bitcoin finance websites: stocks, trading, currencies ( but of course), commodities, indices and more. Lots of domains and lots of domians with eastern countries TLD’s.
  • Bitcoin platforms: The market is full with financial platform for the bitcoin market. Most of the platforms offers white labels of the platform, with special domain and unique content.
  • Scam Bitcoin websits: Like many others new niches, the bitcoin suffers scam attack. In London conference in July 2013, they told us that more than 60% of the bitcoin websites are scam and fraud and that we should all be aware. This is why there are so many scam opportunities i guess.
If you have bitcoin related domain for sale or holding a bitcoin website you like to sell – let us know.
If you are interested to buy bitcoin domain or online bitcoin website – let us know.


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