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bitcoin traffic

Starting early in 2012, when the first bitcoin marketing agencies established the sources for bitcoin traffic, we have found ourselves already working with the large market players. Month after month, the demand for more and more bitcoin related traffic rise new limits and the list of customers  went longer every day. Its true that this strange online currency is still at the alpha part of its life, its true that most of the traffic services still do not know what to do with it, buts its also true that the market is looking for solutions, and we have these solutions:

Bitcoin Traffic – Large scale of bitcoin traffic to different kind of websites. Our sources are changing every week, but we will always have PPC traffic, media buy services, SEO deals, marketing networks, old domains and more, all related to the bit coin. We have the power to segment you needs so if you have financial bitcoin site, we can send you high converted traffic. Same goes with bitcoin games, bitcoin trading platforms, softwares, online shops,reviews sites and more.

Bitcoin Visitors – If you sell services and products online, you must have the option to get paid with bitcoin. And if you are not holding this option, go to bitpay and establish it for your site. Now that you have it, you will need bitcoin wallet holders visitors to visit your site. Our bitcoin visitors are looking for your products and searching for your services, but they want to pay with bitcoins. Give them, this option and get the bitcoin visitors to your site.

Note: media companies and agents with bitcoin visitors sources, please feel free to contact us for co operation.

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