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Virtual Web Market offers its customers hot sites for sale.

The websites you’ll find on the list below are highly targeted and already have a monthly passive income. The sale includes the site’s domain name, the content, all design and database of users and the full rights of ownership. Virtual Web Market offers Sports, Forex related websites and other online betting, Ecological niche websites and webmasters related virtual properties.

** For specific markets please check the Gaming sites for sale and the Health sites for sale sections

Offer #1: Established Ecologic site – Yes We Green

Yes We Green is a great green website, ready to be developed in all eco- markets. The world wide traffic on YesWeGreen is coming mainly from the major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, via large verity of related key words. Pollution, environment, water, solar energy and others are the source for the website traffic.

The site is online since 2008 and his Google page rank value in #3. With steady income via affiliate programs, media sell and Ad Sense, Yes We Green is a great asset to purchase.

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Offer #2: Established watch world cup live website

For the upcoming soccer World Cup (2010) and for the next World Cups to come whether soccer and other sports, this website is the most targeted and related you can find for live streaming services and related products. Any sport event and especially the World Cup events are attracting millions of fans from around the world and results in the sale of of online streaming solutions enabling to watch the games and matches live on the PC, laptop or on TV.

Watch World Cup Live is the best choice of brand for you to get a hold of these customers and to build a world wide branded solution for customers  to join and watch their favorite games live. The site is already advertising streaming companies for the upcoming soccer World Cup in South Africa 2010.

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Offer #3: Established Financial Trading related website

The Financial Markets industry is probably the biggest industry attracting millions of traders from all around the world. Services like Forex, Stock and Commodity trading is offered by such services. Spread betting is one of the newest and fastest growing financial market trading enabling traders to trade almost anything including currencies, commodities, stocks and shares.

Established websites like the one offered here: onlinespreadtrading are highly targeted for these market’s users and for advanced traders, resulting in big trading accounts and massive flow of money and of course big revenues. This website is SEO ready for the buyer and already has many targeted pages indexed in search engines.( Sale does not includes the existing traders or the affiliate accounts )

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Offer #4: Established, money making Vuvuzela website

Vuvuzela Fun

The Vuvuzela fun website is the only one on the internet to provide the needed information for all these which have bought the Vuvuzela for the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Since there are huge amount of Vuvuzelas out there, there are many idea’s what to do with it other than blowing it, this is the reason people are sending their videos and visiting the site. The passive revenue from this site, is by selling Vuvuzelas online with affiliate programs and by selling links and ad spots.

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Offer #5: Green Energy Lamp Website

Green Energy Lamp

The global warming and the ongoing research to produce less heat and pollution have made the largest impact on the internet. You can find many “green related” assets you can work with, learn from, market on and so on. The green energy lamp website is one of those, providing the needed information for the green energy lamps each can use in order to take small ecological step forward. The time this site is online and the knowledge in it have located it on top of the relevant searches in its niche.

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