Keyword research tools

The different kinds of the premier Keyword Research Tools are listed on the main source of information on and provided to the customers for free. The idea to have the top Keyword Research Tools on one list is simple, get the information, fast and easy, learn the difference and compare between, before you choose your next Keyword Research Tool.

When you use the Keyword Research Tools, make sure they have these options for you, this list will help you focus and make the best from the keyword research.

1.    Search volume – you need to know, per keyword, how many searches it have over the months, per language and per country. Which are the best long tail keywords to use, which are the best addition ones and so on.

2.    Level of competition – per keyword, how many competitors do you have in the PPC section, in the SEO section and in the global market. This information must come from all search engines data bases.

3.    Effectiveness – the effectiveness of each campaign you upload, the keywords in it and the targeted pages per each of the keywords. Each single keyword can perform different with other landing page and this info must be clear on the Keyword Research Tool you use. This is one of the major advantages of KeywordSpy – one of the top Keyword Research Tools.

4.    First page analysis – Most important fixture, related to the first page of results in each of the search engines. As a webmaster you must learn by hart the positions on the SERP and learn to compete better on it.

As a webmaster, you know the importance of the way you pick the keywords to work with. In any niche, you can find thousands of keywords and learn from the PPC and SEO campaigns you run, in order to perform better. Your competitors are doing the same, keep in mind that if your site is listed #5 for example on the search engine result, there are four websites with are better than yours. It’s the place to understand that they are using any of the Keyword Research Tools on the market.

In addition to all the information above, these tools are highly important is you are a play in the Virtual Web Market and looking to optimize your benefit.

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